Photographer (Lindsey) and the best assistant EVER ( Lottie Jo! )

Photographer (Lindsey) and the best assistant EVER ( Lottie Jo! )

Photographer / Artist

Lindsey's love for photography began when she met Ethan her last year of high school.  In 2013, the newlyweds took a leap of faith and started LLP.   

There were many "ramen noodle nights" but every step of the way was always filled with a ton of laughter and love for their clients, no matter what the bank account said.   

Lindsey has studied under some of the best photographers in the country and continues her education in photography, so she can continue to offer the very best products to her clients.   Lindsey thrives on offering an "experience" and this is best portrayed in her creative and funky mini-sessions. 

"I will be laying in bed at night and be like, Babe!! What if we did this?! (Blah, blah, blah. ) Most of my ideas are a little much.  Ethan does such a great job at bringing me back down to earth and always makes my session dreams a reality. He is the bomb-diggity."  - Lindsey

Their goal is for any family, no matter the budget, to be able to come to LLP and have a blast, not only capturing memories - but making them. 



Interesting Facts About Us

  • Jack has a new name every week. 
  • Lottie Jo thinks she is a rockstar.
  • Being together is our favorite.  
  • Seeing the world is our goal.
  • Our kiddos go everywhere with us. 
  • Ethan can dance like Usher.
  • I love sweet tea. 
  • Reese's are life. 
  • We live on a farm.